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on a more positive note I would appear to have a lengthy poem or possibly song in French about potatoes in my Skype messages

and we said goodbye to Mom yesterday and it was so incredibly surreal because it was “goodbye we’ll see you on Tuesday” but we’re so accustomed to it being the end of a visit that we were all like “LOVE YOU TAKE CARE DRIVE SAFELY”

mi madre is here and there are potatoes and maybe soon I will be able to breathe through my nose again


then came the head cold

then came the head cold

So in case it wasn’t obvious

I intended to do an update now that this long-ass two weeks of socialization is over and talk about some of the cool stuff I did

and ended up screwing around a lot in Spore instead

that happens sometimes

Sorry if I missed any notes, I’m super behind right now, I’ll try to get my shit back together over the weekend and do a decent update.  TL;DR coffees-and-cats remains amazing and best, mi madre is moving into her new apartment tomorrow after getting groceries, I only have one more work week to power through before wringing answers out of a doctor, and I am impatient to be writing pornography and violence again.

not bad for September I guess

love all y’all


is “egg” a meme at this point. like literally there are so many posts on this website where the entire joke and punchline are “egg.” so im thinking egg is a proper meme. welcome, egg

railehatesfun remember I loved u before u went pop



kittlesandbugs said: But I have so many fond memories. Like Chris91 calling me shitbug. He was so creative.

I will never regret the time we spent watching Chris91 be a boring angry person.  It was just the perfect mix of boring and angry.  And e-honor.

oh my god! I remember him! All the rage, inventiveness and competence of /b/ all condensed into one man, what a treat.

slinkyinky said: I’ve never seen a more perfect storm in a teacup as Chris91

Does someone, like, have a Chris91 compendium?  I feel like there were probably some great quotes but his rage got so samey that it was like the adults from Peanuts throwing a tantrum every five minutes.


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ooooh golly thanks for the heads up

thank God I was lazy and scared busy that’s a bucket’a trouble I don’t wanna get into


When you accidentally choose “oozing infected wound” as your color palette there’s no turning back from that path

When you accidentally choose “oozing infected wound” as your color palette there’s no turning back from that path

For a completely accurate portrait of me please observe Simon Pegg in A Fantastic Fear Of Everything and add gay video game husbands

↖homestuck trash

…until everyone I loved died horribly

enh maybe I’ll text some

I am just really really really not interested in being available 24/7, I am too introverted for that

I don’t know I am really fried from two weeks of social interaction ask me after like a month of sleep